Ah, puppy love is in the air! Daisy the Labradoodle and Simon the Poodlepoodle do some speed-dating, then spoon on the patio. May the coming warmth bring you and your dogs back outside to enjoy it after our long, hard winter! Looking forward to having your sweethearts here to enjoy the amenities again soon. ImageImageImageImage



Time to peek out from under the covers of the old year, and greet the new one!


A good time also to remind ourselves of what really matters, and for me that includes those I love, no matter the species. I count your dogs as part of my canine family. My deepest gratitude for a wonderful year past, and looking forward to chasing all the good things in the new one!

Now go GET it!


ImageWell it sure took awhile to get here but I guess spring is doing it’s best to arrive…the dogs have reclaimed their posts in and around the pond, the cheatgrass is pushing tender little sprouts up (which I none too tenderly pull out in the wee hours of the dawn) and the ducklings are a’quacking. Hoping each of you are enjoying the calmer winds and warmer temps with your dogs.


Check out this cool Les Schwab commercial the Corgi Express team starred in.

One of the lead dogs in this commercial was my first corgi, “Dylan”, who gave me my first, and most blessed, introduction to What Is a Corgi. He was All That and more and I still miss him…hug your dogs close!! LJ

Well there sure has been a lot of interest in the corgi team this month, thanks to a certain obedience judge posting it on her facebook site (thank you Sue!) so thought I would add a picture taken a few summers ago, down the road from me at Tumalo Reservoir, of the six dog team. Photo credit goes to pro photog Diana Field from Sisters OR (www.photosbyfield.com). If you think four is fun, six is even more so, especially when they work up a head of steam!


The new year, that is! Just a reminder that I already have a LOT of bookings for the first three months, and beyond, of 2013, so it is NOT too soon to get your pup scheduled for those days you will be gone next year, if you know already around when they are. I can always pencil in “ballpark” dates, but really do not want your dog shut out of the park! Thank you!

Meanwhile, may you and yours have the most peaceful holiday season, blessed with your dogs being with you, one and all! Lisa


SO after much evaluation and debate, I have finally decided that, at this time anyway, I can take no more new clients. If you have already been in contact with me, and we are due to have an intake interview this does not apply to you, don’t worry!  I also do not mean that if you are a client now and you add a new dog family member, you must take them elsewhere, no!  (although we do need to do a new intake interview for your new kid so they get an equal chance to “tour” before their first visit)  It is bittersweet that this little operation is doing so well that I am too full, always, to continue to add to my client base. This decision makes me sad as I just KNOW there are many fabulous dogs out there, and their owners, that I would love to meet. But out of fairness to my incredibly loyal and wonderful existing base, I must be in a position to rarely have to say “No, I am so sorry, I cannot take your dog whom I adore beyond reason, this time”.  Reality is that even having made this decision, still there may be times I HAVE to tell you that, but just keep making bookings as far in advance as possible, and the chances are lessened. Also know that, in a crisis, I will do my level best to take your dog; the last thing you need when you are frantically trying to leave town for a family emergency, is to try and figure out who your dog should stay with – of course it should be me! Having said that, I do have some quality referrals now, all of whom also fill up quickly, so I can give you an alternative should the need arise. And again, thank you so sincerely to all my existing clients, many of whom spoil me shamelessly, (you know who you are!) for your support and business, even if it has placed me in this “be careful what you wish for” predicament! There may come a time when I feel I can take on new clients, and I will also let you know about that. THANK YOU! Lisa


NOTE: For now, to help would-be new clients, I do have a good alternative boarding choice to refer you to: Desert Sage Canine Care (www.desertsagek9care.com/index.html) is a small, husband and wife owner operated facility on ten rural acres that do a very good job of care. Go to the link for more info, and tell ’em I sent you! Lisa